Sunday, March 17, 2013


A little pre-anniversary celebration. Yesterday afternoon we strolled through the Parco delle Cascine which runs along the Arno river, and during the day is a beautiful place to picnic, play, or just enjoy as is. Unfortunately, after-dark it is not the greatest place to be, as it is pretty much left unguarded by any kind of security. I have read that there are some plans to revitalize and clean up the area a bit (great place for concerts, we have seen Radiohead and Blonde Redhead there) which would be a great move as it is one of the greatest spots in Florence.    

We walked until Ponte all'Indiano

Lonley planet informs us about the "monument to Rajaram Cuttiputti, an Indian maharajah who, while holidaying in Florence in 1870, came down with gastro-enteritis and died. His retinue was surprisingly granted permission to cremate him by the river. Four years later a statue and memorial were designed by British artisans."

Poor guy.

Some baseball and soccer games

For dinner we finally ventured to Ristorante India on the hill of Fiesole. May I just say yum yum yum yum? 
We thankfully fared much better than the maharajah.

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