Thursday, March 14, 2013

graduation day

Another day in Bologna! We went to watch our friend Giovanni present his thesis and graduate to earn his medical degree (the first step, now 5 years of specialistic study). The very intimidating day includes presenting your research in front of a panel of your professors and an auditorium full of students, family, and friends. Then you are required to answer follow up questions. After all the students are finished, the professors convene for a few minutes, they announce your grade, and you are done! A process I'm oh so glad I did not have to go through. I do, however, approve of the eating, drinking, and celebrating after.

Oh, and the new guy in Rome stole my husband's name!

Announcing their grades

He did very well, and the owner of the characteristic "Trattoria Annamaria" honored the graduate with a pen!

They were amazed with the advances in modern medicine.

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