Thursday, May 9, 2013


Let's rewind a bit! One of the best things about Italy are the random holidays, like Pasquetta which is simply the day after Easter! We celebrate with beer! This year the location was close to last years, but this was at a hunter's house! Perfect for a vegan right? You don't even want to see the photo's and mounted "decorations" inside! However, our lovely friends grill the veggies first, before the meat, and made the most scrumptious pappa al pomodoro and ribollita. We got a little rained out in the late afternoon, but a great start to spring, one of the first days without our winter coats! 

The then, mamma to be, who is now a mamma! Hi Viola in there!

Not too shabby a location, huh?

Beer and rain equals random low quality photo time!

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